Cooking On A Budget: Brussel Sprout Video Recipe

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brussel Sprout Video Recipe

We are growing brussel sprouts in our garden. This is the second attempt. The first one failed and we are not sure why. They will not be available for harvest until the fall. My husband is a huge fan of them, me I like them as long as they are not bitter.
Usually we prep them and par cook them in water (my husband cooks) and after that some shallot gets sauteed in pan in olive oil until translucent. He's been known to add a small handful of walnuts in there as well along with some butter. I like the idea in the video and might have him try this.
If it were left up to me to cook the brussel sprouts I think I could come up with something pretty darn good. Well, I won't know that until we harvest.

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