Cooking On A Budget: Meet The Stroganoff Family

Friday, February 7, 2014

Meet The Stroganoff Family

Over the years I have made different versions of Stroganoff. My focus this week has been going back and trying to fix photographs, add labels to recipes and update recipes to the current format I now use.

What I did today was an exercise for me in playing with old photos and adding in a burst to the photographs with the price of that particular recipe. There in lies compiling three recipes that are all based on a Stroganoff.

The first Stroganoff recipe I made and blogged about was a Chicken Stroganoff.  Here's the photo with the price for the meal and the link is provided here for you to check out the dish.

The next one was the traditional Beef Stroganoff. Another inexpensive version as well. I should have waited for the dish to cool down prior to photographing because you can actually see the steam coming off of it.

And one evening I decided to make it with pork and named it Pork Cutlet Stroganoff. Although I must admit that I decided to serve over mashed potatoes rather than egg noodles. By all means you can use egg noodles in this dish.

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