Cooking On A Budget: Cookie Platoon

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cookie Platoon

Normally I would post a story article or recipe, however today I would like to enlighten you to the fact that the Cookie Platoon is a special organization.  From what I know there is this one in Connecticut and other chapters around the country.
I have a special neighbor who is CEO of a cookie platoon. This organization bakes thousands of cookies a year and ships them all over the world to the men and women who serve in all branches of the armed services. Most worthwhile cause. If you would like to help bake or donate monies toward shipping - in any amount, they will surely welcome them.

This particular cookie brigade of men and women ship out of a warehouse in Chester, Connecticut U.S.A.
The e-mail address is:  Contact name: Debra Schaefer.
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