Left Over Make Over Meals

15 Bean Soup
Baked Potato Mini Casseroles
Barbecue Chicken Nacho
Beef Barley Soup from left over Pot Roast
Beef Chimichangas
Beef Hash
Beef, Peppers and Onions
Beef Pot Pie from left over Pot Roast
Brandy Cream Sauce with Peppercorns (a good way to use left-over steak)
Chicken Enchilada Casserole 

From American Goulash Comes Chili 
Ham: Left-over Make Overs
Ham and Cannellini Bean Soup
Left Over Make Over: Pork Dumplings

Lentil Soup With Kielbasa
Mashed Potato Pancakes 
Meatball Rollatini's
Meatball Quesadillas
Mini Potato Casseroles 
Mock Beef Chili
Mock Beef Stew
Mock Shepard's Pie
Mock Stuffed Cabbage
Other Ideas Using Pot Roast Left overs
Making Pizza with Left-Overs
Mom's Chicken Salad
Pork Cutlet Parmesan
Pork, Peppers & Onions Over Rice  
Potato Crusted Beef Pie
Potato Crusted Turkey Pie
Potato, Ham and Egg Frittata
Pot Roast Dinner and Beyond
Pot Roast Hot Open Sandwich
Pot Roast Panninis
Pot Roast Sandwich - Cold
Pot Roast and Potato Casserole 
Pulled Pork and Mashed Potato Pie

Red Lentil & Carrot Stew with Ham 
Roasted Turkey Dinner and Beyond
Split Pea Soup w/ Ham
Utilizing Leftovers

Weeknight Stir-Fry Rice and Vegetables


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