Monday, July 27, 2015

Baked Taco Dip

Tag sale finds lead me to wanting something with Mexican flavors. Hence, Baked Taco Dip for a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon.

Friends are moving and I helped them with their tag sale this past weekend. Much to my delight I ending up with some great treasures that remind me of Mexico. I decided that this rainy Sunday required some relaxation and a nice little snack of tortilla chips and this homemade Baked Taco Dip.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mozzarella and Genoa Pasta Salad

"Some of us have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad." - Melvin Udall (As Good As It Gets)

It has been many years since the movie As Good As It Gets was first released, however that line spoken by the character Melvin Udall and portrayed by Jack Nicholson has stuck in my brain. So every time I make pasta salad I think of that line and it was no different this past weekend when I put together a pasta salad to take along on a picnic at a friends house.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Italian Mac 'n Cheese

Whoever came up with blending pasta and cheese ~ sheer genius! My version of Italian Mac 'n Cheese has ingredients you find in basic Italian dishes. It's creamy and delicious.

One of the consummate comfort foods of all time ~ macaroni and cheese. The mere mention of the name evokes special food memories from childhood. Everyone can relate to macaroni and cheese and everyone's family has that "special" version made by mom or grandma that was passed down from generation to generation. We can envision our mother in the kitchen, apron donned and putting together the quintessential supper for the family.You can see her grating fresh cheese within your mind or stirring the butter and flour to make a roux and then carefully adding in the cheese a little at a time, stirring to make a beautiful creamy cheese base for the macaroni and cheese.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shrimp with Lemon-Mustard Dill Sauce

A light, refreshing summertime meal that is a breeze to make.

Shrimp is so versatile to cook with and when it's on sale I grab a two pound bag. We both love it and with getting two meals from one bag it makes sense on our food budget. And with the summer heat finally hitting here I wanted something on the lighter side. Shrimp with Lemon-Mustard Dill Sauce over angel hair pasta was a perfect fit for lighter eating.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Vegetable Chowder

Summer Vegetable Chowder comes together beautifully with the strong presence of sweet summer corn, chunks of potato, carrot and of course luscious summer squash.

We are getting squash in droves ~ yellow summer squash, so I thought I would make a chowder recipe incorporating some other great summer vegetables, like fresh corn off the cob. Corn is something we do not grow, but my husband makes the trek up to a local farm here in Connecticut and he and his friend split up a bag from the grower. I decided to keep the same profile for this chowder as I did in the bisque because that was outrageously delicious.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Squash Bisque

A full-bodied soup that is a meal in itself. Creamy and luscious with a nice kick of cayenne, this soup ranks very high in my book!

At the end of the day you want something delicious and wholesome for your family. You also do not want to spend hours preparing and cooking, nor do you want expensive because it may not be in your budget. This Summer Squash Bisque meets all that criteria. From start to finish, this bisque takes about an hour and it's not expensive.

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