Under Ten Dollar Family Meals


Are you looking for under ten dollar quality meals to feed your family? You've come to the right place. These five meals cost under ten dollars to make and taste like a million.

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Costs have been updated since the date of the original posts.

This dish is so simple to execute. The capers give the dish a salty and tangy flavor while the lemon cuts through the richness from the butter. White wine balances out all of the flavors so that you get a really tasty mouthful.

There's not much wine in the dish and is fine for kids too.

This dish is served on so many wedding buffets so you can be sure that it's elegant enough to serve your guests.

The chicken piccata was served with rice and zucchini for that easy cheap dinner.

I really love cooking with marsala wine. It imparts such a nice flavor to any dish. In addition to this pork chop recipe I have added it in chicken dishes and it's fantastic!

The sauce in this dish is lovely. The flavors from the apricot and marsala work harmoniously into a wonderful sauce.

We served the Pork Chops Marsala with mashed potatoes and sweet baby peas. This tasty recipe is a budget-friendly dinner idea.


For those who want a quick, easy and cheap meal and don't mind not having a protein, this Brown Rice Pilaf recipe is just so perfect!

A boxed rice mix with a few other simple ingredients makes for a great weeknight dinner as it takes so little time to go from stove top to table.

Who doesn't love sausage and peppers? This family favorite was made with tri-colored tortellini pasta. 

Zucchini was added in as an extra vegetable to the dish. Zucchini is so inexpensive, has great flavor when dressed up and is available year round. Those of you with gardens know how plentiful it is so here's another way to use it up.

This is a very family friendly dish as well as being a cheap dinner idea.

We served the dish with rice and sweet baby peas. As I said above, marsala wine imparts such great flavor to whatever you are making. It's always nice to keep it on hand.

Chicken thighs offer both dark and lighter meat and they taste really good. The fact that you can purchase thighs at a very reasonable price per pound they definitely make for a budget meal.

The mushrooms impart their earthy flavor and the they also soak up the marsala making them so delicious!


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