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Tuscan Cannellini Beans With Sausage

 AS AN AMAZON AFFILIATE I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. A Tuscan inspired recipe where savory notes come from the garlic and sage and sings with the flavor from the tomatoes. The cannellini beans are the backbone to the dish and the sausage imparts its' own flavor and makes this a very hearty family meal. My love of Tuscany started many years ago in 2007 when I received the "Essentials of Italian" cookbook. Williams-Sonoma takes you through the regions of Italy giving you information on the food and customs of the regions. Then I watched Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane - late to the party as it was released in 2003. It further sparked my love affair with Tuscany and was most recently reinforced with Stanley Tucci's "Search for Italy".  That all brought me back to the cookbook where I actually had some recipes tagged for making "someday".  One of the recipes in the book which I had tagged inspired me to make this easy budget friendly meal. Th

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