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Grilling Sauces & Marinades

  AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES If you are looking for the best Grilling Sauces & Marinades you have landed at the right place. I have been developing and testing my sauces and marinades since the mid 90's. All are packed with flavor, and have been tested on various proteins as well as lab tested for shelf life. Grilling season is upon us and who doesn't love a backyard barbecue with family and friends, a picnic at your church social, or a barbecue at your social organization? Any of these Grilling Sauces & Marinades will add so much flavor to whatever you decide to grill. They all work on a variety of proteins - beef, chicken, pork or lamb and use many ingredients you already have in your pantry. If you click on the photographs below, it will open the recipe post in a new window.  GREAT NORTHERN BARBECUE SAUCE Great Northern Barbecue Sauce is one of the first sauces I created. It has great depth of flavor and is a ketchup based sauce. The vine

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