Cooking On A Budget: Peasant Dinner Theme

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peasant Dinner Theme

Welcoming family and friends into your home during the holidays to share food and beverages is such a delight. Laughter and making memories with those you love are simple things you treasure in your heart forever.
I think decorating your home inside and outside and the way you display your food, prepare your tables and the overall ambiance you create are a direct reflection of you.  The recipes you decide to cook or bake and serve your guests are part of what creates the heart and soul of the evening.
In deciding the ambiance I can think of no better holiday smells than that of a simmering pot of water with cinnamon sticks added in, or a crock pot or soup tureen filled with warm apple cider.  Holiday glasses whose rims have been dipped in water or your favorite bourbon or brandy perhaps, and then dipped in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to go along side the apple cider are simple ways to dress up your beverage area.
Perhaps you will simply decorate your buffet table with some Poinsettias and candles.  I like the idea of a theme for your celebration - will you be serving hors' d'ouevres or a full buffet or perhaps a sit down dinner for a few special people in your life? Once you choose that you can decide what fits into your budget. I have come up with a theme and a menu for an intimate holiday dinner with a few friends.
Peasant Dinner Theme
Stuffed and Roasted Cornish Hens
Long Grain and Wild Rice
Roasted Root Vegetables
Homemade Cranberry Sauce
Pear Gallette
Warm Apple Cider Cocktails
I like the idea of the Cornish Hens and you can figure on one per person.  If they are not readily available or you find them expensive, substitute with a whole chicken. In a separate post I will get the recipes put together for this themed dinner menu.

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