Cooking On A Budget: Little Kids, Fine China and Cocoa

Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Kids, Fine China and Cocoa

Some of us get married and receive fine china or we inherit a set that has been in the family. We store it in a cabinet and use it only on holidays. What a waste!  Fine china should be used more than 2 holidays a year!
I am suggesting a Friday night, end of the week mini pizza party and hot cocoa party with your kids - using the fine china.
To pull this off, make a spaghetti or marinara sauce over the weekend. Pick up a package of English muffins and some pizza cheese during the weekend grocery shopping.  Be sure you have some Cocoa Mix or Nestle Quick and Milk on the list as well.  After your spaghetti meal, save a container of the sauce to use at the end of the week on Friday night.
This will be so much fun to do with kids that are five years old and up. You will make small pizzas with the English muffins, sauce and cheese and make hot cocoa to go in the "tea/coffee" cups that generally come with your fine china.
Have the kids help you assemble the pizzas and set a table with the small bread plates and cups and saucers from your set of china. Serve the pizzas on the small plates and nice hot cocoa in the little cups. If you have a computer create an invitation to the Friday night "tea" party and put it in their lunch box or book bag that morning. In the invitation include that there will be a rousing game of candy land, Parcheesi or any other board game you have on hand to be played before bed time.
Skip the video games, the computer, the TV and rock out for an hour or so with the kids. They will, trust me, remember it for the rest of their lives.
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