Cooking On A Budget: Looking Forward

Friday, February 24, 2012

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to improving my photo shots of my dishes. It may involve purchasing some things as well as using "props" from around my kitchen and other rooms. This week is almost over and I am ready to develop a few new recipes. As always I'll test them out and if I find they are delicious will write up the recipes to pass along. There are a few ideas floating around in my head.

The process of my dishes comes first in my mind. I jot notes down on paper and head into the kitchen. For me, it's a blast. It's my love for cooking and wanting to please people with good food that inspires me to keep creating new recipes. And further, I am going to work on the photo shots. Already I have some ideas for that stirring around in my head.
My aim for this food blog and eventually my new website is to provide you with the best recipes along with great photos of the finished product. There may even be shots of the recipes in various stages of cooking as I have done in the past.
I have let the cat out of the bag - a new website is currently in production. At the beginning of this venture I created this blog on my own.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it to where it functions like an actual website. Without html knowledge and with the limitations on blogger it has not operated in the manner that I would like.
Until the new site is finished, please keep coming here. I'll announce when everything on the other site is complete and hope you will continue to follow me. The new site is looking awesome and will be so easy for you to look up recipes and read my articles.
Combining my love of cooking and writing has been such a wonderful journey.  I hope that I have delighted you with the articles and provided easy to follow and tasty recipes that you have made and enjoy as well.

The recipe process starts on paper.
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