Cooking On A Budget: Teriyaki Steak Dinner

Monday, March 19, 2012

Teriyaki Steak Dinner


London broil generally comes from the top round. London broil refers to the method of cooking. London broil requires some form of marinating in order for it to be a tender piece of meat. This cut of beef requires a method of slicing: across the grain at a 45 degree angle and cooked quickly over higher heat.
What I did for this dinner was to marinate it in my trademarked Teriyaki Marinade for about an hour. I stabbed it with a meat fork all over, both sides before going into the marinade.

I cooked the meat on my grill pan that had been rubbed with some olive oil and seared it on a medium to medium high heat for about 6 minutes on one side and about 4 minutes on the other side. I then turned it down to medium low and cooked it, turning once more until it was about medium to medium rare. That cook time was approximately 3-5 more minutes per side. Allowing a resting period of 15 minutes prior to slicing, it was perfectly cooked. Nice bright medium pink on both ends and slightly more to medium rare in the center.

"London Broil" was purchased on sale at $2.99 per pound. This steak was $5.41. The broccoli we had was on sale and so were the potatoes. The total cost = $8.19. It would easily feed 6-7 people. Total cost per person (6) means the total dinner cost per person = $1.36 per person.
Perfect Hatch Marks and Grilled to Perfection!

Think smart, plan wisely and a steak dinner at home can be an inexpensive meal your whole family will enjoy!
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