Cooking On A Budget: Easter Memories

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Memories

As children we were raised by parents whose religious beliefs were those of the Roman Catholic Church so Easter was a celebration of the Resurrection. We attended church on a regular basis. Our parents also included for added joy the coloring of eggs, and of course, Easter baskets brought by the Easter Bunny! The other thing was shopping for special Easter outfits that would include a new dress, shoes and of course an Easter Hat. The purchase might also include a new spring jacket.
The shopping excursion would be a Friday night drive to my grandmother's house in West Haven where we would have a dinner waiting for us. After dinner we would head out to shop for our Easter outfits with my Aunt and Grandmother.
Our actual holiday dinner on Easter was spent between two grandmothers - one was our favorite, the other not so much - kind of like good cop, bad cop. Although one of the specialties I recall was my Dad's mothers coffee crumb cake. I have the recipe somewhere and I attempted to make it once, however it just seemed like it wasn't the same. Perhaps a left out ingredient? One of these days I will make it and if it is successful I will post it along with a photo.
All of my children are now grown but one of the things I loved doing was coloring eggs with them and then hiding them throughout the house. I colored eggs this year despite the fact that none of my children will be here today on Easter. So to all of you who have children, I hope you make wonderful memories with them and enjoy this Easter holiday with your family.
The photo I am inserting is not food related - it is a stained glass window I constructed with a friend for our church many years ago and it was dedicated on an Easter Sunday.

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