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Monday, April 16, 2012

Helping Hands

I actually do not know who is coming to my food sites for dinner ideas and low budget meals. What I do know is that millions are struggling to feed their families. What I don't know is how low of a food budget most people have. Personally I am fortunate; despite the fact that I have to shop on a low budget I have not had to apply for state aide or find a food bank or go to a soup kitchen. Truly, I want to help those families that are stressing over "how am I going to put something on the table every day for my children?"
It would be an honor and a privilege to me to be of assistance. Through e-mail I would like you to contact me with some basic information (as outlined below) and I will do whatever I can to assist and guide you with your struggle to come up with some solutions. Trust me, I will not discourage you from utilizing whatever assistance you can get through state aide or from your local food bank or soup kitchen.
What I will do is provide meal stretching ideas and some basic recipes that you may not have thought of due to the fact that you are the one that is overwhelmed by your stress.
The only information I will need is:
  • How many adults in your family.
  • How many children in your family.
  • The ages of adults and ages of children.
  • How much do you have after all is said and done for food on a weekly basis?
  • Are you paying bills first and putting food at the bottom of the list?
  • Does the school or daycare your children attend offer any free meals?
Basically, that is it.  This is absolutely private. It is between you and me. Should you choose, you may want to give more background information - I will leave that up to you. And by that I mean anything you deem appropriate to your situation.
The e-mail I would prefer that you use:
All regards,
Patty (author of this blog site)

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