Cooking On A Budget

Monday, April 9, 2012

Not wanting to go too many days without posting, I want to share with you that I will be working on
some recipes utilizing left over ham as that is what we made for our Easter dinner.
Already on this site are recipes for Lentil Soup with Ham, Split Pea Soup, a 15 Bean Cajun Soup (Life After Ham post), a recipe for a Ham Frittata and a Gumbo recipe where you could swap the ingredients from what is in the recipe and make it using left over ham.
I have a new soup recipe I will be working on along with some sandwich creations. So, stay tuned.
Should I not get the recipes up and posted quickly enough, they will come in handy for when you bake your next ham dinner. The ham in this photograph is a Shank Ham which was purchased on sale. At .99 cents per pound, this 8.83 pound ham cost us $8.73. It was enough to feed a large group of people to say the least.   The shank ham has a bone in it and is perfect for making a stock for soup. Please check back again during the week for the latest and greatest food creation, cooking great recipes on a budget.
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