Cooking On A Budget: Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive

Monday, May 21, 2012

Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive

By permission from johnleesandiego's photography on Flickr

I know it's springtime, but Fall is my favorite of all of the four seasons. Had storm Irene not hit with such severity, then maybe our Fall would have looked more like this photograph. For me, this conjures up memories of how well defined our seasons used to be in my younger years. It (the weather) just does not seem to be that way now. The temperatures are so vastly different so it's difficult to know how to dress, let alone what to have for dinner. We have had a cold Spring and I am still preparing heartier meals, versus lighter ones.
Like today, I am making homemade chicken stock to use in a recipe I am creating and hope to have posted by this evening or tomorrow at the latest.
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