Cooking On A Budget: Saturday Suppers - A Memory

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saturday Suppers - A Memory

Until I was about the age of thirteen my mother was a stay at home mom. The only time during childhood that she worked was a part time job at our local five and dime store during the holiday season. That was a way for her to earn some extra money for Christmas. Her work hours were during school hours and she was home everyday to greet us after school.
My mother all throughout my childhood into teenage years was a clean freak. She kept up the house during the week but insisted that Saturdays were the heavy cleaning days. That meant changing and washing bedsheets and towels, ironing. That's when baseboards and windowsills HAD to be dusted, objects removed from their places and washed - the list goes on and on.
Needless to say, by four o'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday everyone was exhausted. Saturday suppers had to be quick and easy, unless of course she managed to make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and meatballs or soup during the week.
Often, the go to meal was frankfurters and canned B&M beans and a dark molasses bread from a can - also a B&M product. Mom would add a little something extra to dress up the beans and wrap the bread in foil and warm it in the oven. The hotdogs were sometimes added to the beans to cook, or fried in a pan with some butter to brown the outside skin or placed in a pot with some sauerkraut or plain water.
That was it - Saturday cleaning day supper. We all liked that simple fare. Slather butter on the brown bread while warm and it was sweet and flavorful - no complaints whatsoever. I am fairly certain that was a very inexpensive meal back then and might still be today. Makes me think I should probably do a replay one of these days soon and let myself bask in the smell of a memory of dining at the round table with my sister and my parents.
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