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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cookbook Dreams


One of the reasons I started Cooking On A Budget was to leave my kids with a cooking legacy and to share my recipes with the world.  I so wanted to leave something of me behind, help others struggling with feeding their families and satisfy my love of cooking, creating and writing.
This blog site has enabled me to do that. My other thing I would like to do is to put all, if not a good portion of my original and family recipes into a cookbook. The photo represents a cover which I have designed and it's the beginning of a journey. A journey of collecting the recipes and the articles I have written and get them printed so they make sense.
There are recipe ideas I am formulating and hope to have new original recipes to share with you really soon. But in the meantime I hope you thoroughly look through this blog site and find recipes you will try. Also, if you take time to read my articles you will get a sense of who I am.
I am thankful for those of you who have joined as a follower and those who will join my site through Google. As always, I would appreciate feedback through commenting. Also I hope you are punching that plus 1 button to get the word out and support the advertisers.
Until the next posted recipe, I wish you well.
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