Cooking On A Budget: Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive

Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive by johnleesandiego
Autumn Along The Henry Hudson Drive, a photo by johnleesandiego on Flickr.

A long and winding road that leads me back to my childhood. Although this picture is not from that road where we had a beautiful old 2 story colonial home to live in, it’s really close. Back then the houses were few and far between and were lined with many stone walls like this beautiful photograph shows.
I recall the fall foliage was as stunning as this though during my youth. Fall is one of those seasons where Mother Nature paints the most beautiful palette. To say the least it is for me my favorite of all four seasons.
It’s the time of year that I shine in the kitchen and put forth my best dishes. There is something about the connection of the cooler, drier and crisp clean air along with brightly colored leaves against an amazingly blue sky that just awakens the senses. The sense of smell and the sense of taste are heightened during the cool crisp days.
The Fall season makes you want to get into the kitchen and put together a cozy, comforting one pot meal. Or, perhaps bake a home made pie with apples from a nearby orchard or make a bubbling pot of soup.
Fall is that time of year where getting cozy in a big chair near a wood burning fire sipping a cup of tea, munching on some freshly toasted rye bread with lots of butter and reading a good book is like being in heaven for me. To snuggle under a blanket watching a favorite movie while spooning in some homemade soup is a true delight in my estimation.
In my youth I took long walks along roads like this and wandered through paths in the wooded areas hoping that the crunching of leaves would not scare away the deer as I was yearning to get a glimpse of them up close.
Ah, youth. It’s long gone.  Mother Nature does not seem as gentle as she was back then and neither is my care worn body. However that doesn’t stop me from preparing warm, cozy and comforting home style meals.
I invite you to continue this journey with me as I put forth some seasonal summer meals and meal plans and hope that you look forward to cozy warm meals to be created during the cooler seasons.

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