Cooking On A Budget: Erick's 21st Birthday Celebration

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Erick's 21st Birthday Celebration

Well today is the big day - my son's 21st birthday celebration. He is my youngest and his moving out and to another state was hard for me as a mother. Luckily, he is doing really well on his own and I am extremely proud of him and the success he has achieved in just over a year. His actual birthday is tomorrow but we are celebrating today with family.
I have been concentrating on the menu for his celebration which is one of the reasons why I have not posted any new recipes for a while. Our garden has already provided us with a bounty of summer squash and the cucumbers and green beans will be coming as well. So next week I should have something new and exciting to pass along to you as we reap the gardens bounties.
Until then, enjoy many of the delicious recipes I already have provided and I look forward to your coming back. As always, I would enjoy feedback and comments.
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