Cooking On A Budget: Lunch With A Friend

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lunch With A Friend


I am meeting up with a dear friend of mine who is originally from Connecticut and now lives in Florida for the duration of the colder months. I've known Mary most of my life. Her first husband and my dad served as State Troopers together way back when and they were close friends with my parents. I attended school with her middle daughter and her eldest daughter with my sister.
Prior to Mary moving to Florida I had the pleasure of working with her. We were both typographers and worked and rode together to our job at Bond Press in Hartford. I was in my early twenties and Mary had already raised three children. It's always fun to be with Mary - she may be older but she still likes to raise a glass and have fun! In fact I have a glass in the freezer to keep the beer cold!
Lunch is not fancy - just some Tuna Salad Sandwiches on toasted bread with fresh tomatoes from the garden and nice crisp iceberg lettuce.
Although neither one of us is a fancy type of person, I still brought out the china plates. That's one thing I like to do when I am having company - use the china rather than let dust collect on it. What's the sense of having a collection of china if you never pull it off the shelf but once a year?
So I am raising a glass (though mine will probably be a cranapple drink) with Mary to celebrate many years of friendship and pray we get the opportunity to do this again.

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