Cooking On A Budget: Herbs de Provence Roasted Chicken

Monday, September 24, 2012

Herbs de Provence Roasted Chicken


Just shy of 6 pounds, we roasted up a chicken for our Sunday dinner. As you can see in the photo the method of cooking was our rotisserie. It's the only way I roast a chicken now. The fact that it turns while cooking gives the outer skin a chance to brown evenly and the juices keep redistributing throughout the bird so the end result is meat that is tender and juicy.
After cleaning the chicken I made a mix of softened butter and some Herbs de Provence. Carefully slitting the underside of the silver skin from the outer skin, I made a cavity and squished it (butter mixture) as evenly as possible on top of the breast meat.
To the roasting pan went the neck, heart and kidneys with some onion celery and carrot. About halfway through the cooking time (approximately 2 hours) 1//2 can of chicken broth got added to the pan so we could make a chicken jus.
When the bird was cooked and while it "rested", the jus got made by scrapping up all of the good bits from the roasting pan and strained it into a sauce pot. The rest of the can of chicken broth got added and cooked  down for about 10-15 minutes.
With the flavoring of the Herbs de Provence and the vegetables, this jus came together with amazing flavor. The chicken was thoroughly cooked (165 degrees is the recommended temperature guideline) and it was really tender, juicy and excellent flavor.
With a side vegetable of steamed broccoli with homemade cheese sauce and a baked sweet potato this was such a good fall Sunday supper!

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