Cooking On A Budget: Creating Splendor at A Party

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creating Splendor at A Party

I found this photo through Facebook on "The Old Moss Woman's" page.
Wanted to share it with all of you as it is a VERY clever idea for a Baby Shower, Christening or a child's birthday party.
Since the movement is to get us all eating healthy and passing healthy eating along to our children, this is a good example.
If you are on a budget, you could obviously replace some of the fruits for other "on sale" fresh fruits or adapt this and use fresh vegetables as the outside fillers.
Should watermelon not be available, how about a pumpkin instead. Carve in the same manner, clean it out and put an array of vegetables inside. Take the inside seeds of the pumpkin and lightly roast them in an oven. Use the carved out pumpkin for cooking pumpkin pie. Try not to waste anything. For the outside of your platter, use some deviled eggs and alternate the eggs with vegetables.
Carved out red cabbage could hold a dip or spread, whole heads of colorful kale placed on its' side makes for a lovely presentation on a buffet table and of course the kale can be cooked later on in a soup or a vegetable lasagna. Remember most of us first eat with our eyes and then the sense of smell kicks in. So the whole idea is to make the table super attractive.

Don't keep things on one level - try and put some items higher than others. Place stacks of books on the table and drape your table cloth over that. If you have colors that coordinate use multiple table coverings.
Have fun experimenting.
And now that it is Fall and pumpkins are available, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner, get inspired to create, create and create.
For other table treats peruse this website for dips and spreads and appetizer ideas.

I also found this on Old Moss Woman's site.
What a glorious photograph.

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