Cooking On A Budget: October Days

Monday, October 29, 2012

October Days

What a weekend. Our anniversary was on Saturday the 27th of October (22 years) and my 58th birthday was on Sunday the 28th. Twenty-two years ago the weather was typical fall, the leaves were still on the trees and very colorful. Our wedding reception was held at a yacht club along the Connecticut River.

It was not a super fancy wedding as we had both been married before. The food was simple, homemade and very good. Served buffet style, there was a complete turkey dinner and if my memory serves me correctly also some baked ham as a second choice. A friend of mine made our wedding cake and did a fabulous job. The day was full of fun, dancing, drinking and lots of laughter.

As for turning 58 it's a bit of a "where the hell did the time go" kind of birthday. Many reflections and wondering what if's? There's no turning back that aging clock. However this is today and hopefully there will be more tomorrows.  I am very grateful to have made it this far!

We have been preparing for the last three days for what could be a very devastating hurricane. Connecticut is in danger of major flooding issues along our shoreline as well as felled trees and loss of power. So far, only a few flickers on and off. Hopefully I will have some of my own recipes to post fairly soon. But until then, if you have power and come online, please make some of the wonderful meals from my posts. So many, many of them are easy and basic recipes. They taste wonderful and I hope you try them and post comments. I love hearing the feedback.

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