Cooking On A Budget: Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



That very special holiday where we gather with our family and friends to celebrate all that we are thankful for.
Each and everyone of us has something to be grateful for - those everyday things that we often take for granted until we no longer have them.
Celebrate the family who has been your support system, friends that always know how to make you smile and furry family members who love you unconditionally and help make your life complete.
Celebrate the memory of those who are no longer around the dinner table but whose memory lives deep within your heart. Know that they are with you in spirit and are watching over you from the other side.
It's a special day centered around food. Give thanks for the bounty before you. Say a blessing for those who are less fortunate than you. Most of all be grateful for all that you have. In my own case I am blessed with a wonderful family and three grown healthy children. I am thankful for my home - despite my chronic complaining that it needs cosmetic work. It's a haven from the wind, the rain and the deep cold of winter - for that I am eternally grateful. To be grateful for clean water, a bed to sleep in and clothes, shoes and food are my everyday gratefuls. 
I am blessed and some days I feel more blessed than others - it's always human nature to want more, however I really am grateful for all that I have.
So to all of you who follow my blog I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and I am grateful that you visit often. Enjoy your family, your friends and the bounty on your table - eat in good health my friends.

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