Cooking On A Budget: Tomatoes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Tomatoes - the best of the fruits. I miss our fresh garden tomatoes. We did however make sauce and can them to use until the next growing season.
Did you know that tomatoes are loaded with many health benefits? One of the well known benefits is from Lycopene. Lycopene is a natural and vital anti-oxidant that helps fight cancerous cell formations and other kinds of health complications.
So, in addition to the raw tomato itself, any tomato product on the market has its' health benefits. Even canned tomato products that have been through a heat process are healthy. The heating actually helps to boost the Lycopene.
A tomato in its raw state is sumptuous. Sliced tomatoes on sandwiches, added to a grilled cheese sandwich or in a salad is beneficial. Use the tomato to make a red sauce (spaghetti or marinara) or add tomatoes in your macaroni and cheese. There are hundreds of different ways to use this healthy fruit. The tomato pairs well with so many other vegetables and proteins and pastas.
So, if you are looking for healthier choices - choose tomatoes.


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