Cooking On A Budget: Lasagna Bolognese

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lasagna Bolognese


There was a request for me to make lasagna. I was in the mood to try something different and thought of Bolognese and wondered if you could incorporate it in lasagna. My research showed a definite yes. Watching it made on the Food Network over the years I pretty much knew what went into it [bolognese] however I admit I looked up a few recipes to double check.
Problem number one and two: I did not have any red wine or pancetta that are traditional bolognese ingredients. I thought maybe I could substitute some balsamic vinegar in place of the wine, researched and found out I could. However, I did not have balsamic vinegar either. So there is no wine or balsamic vinegar in the dish I made. Secondly, I found you could substitute bacon which I had.
My concern at the end was that the flavor of the bacon was too over powering. So I either put in too much or it really doesn't belong there. And, for me I am not sure I would like the pancetta either. Maybe it's because with Lasagna I am too much of a traditionalist - in other words don't mess with it if it's already perfect.
Sometimes in the kitchen you have missteps and are faced with not having ingredients and need to make adjustments. In this case I made substitutions but was not thrilled with the result. That's what cooking is all about. Often there is no exact measurement as there would be in baking. You have to season and taste and re-season until you come up with the taste that suits you.
I will not even write out the recipe I did but if you like the idea of the dish and are adventuresome then I want you to drag out a cookbook and find a recipe to try. Come back and let me know if you have success.
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