Cooking On A Budget: U.S. Lunches vs. The World

Friday, February 8, 2013

U.S. Lunches vs. The World

I found this link about school lunches in the United States versus other countries in the world. The article hones in on countries like France and Japan. It amazes me that our first lady along with other high profile chefs are working tirelessly to get our schools to provide healthy, nutritional lunches. This article states that in 2011 our legislators voted down a proposal to add healthy choices for lunch in our schools.
There are so many starving children in our own country as well as throughout the world. Children are our future and we need to be steadfast in our efforts to feed them well.

Do U.S. School Lunches Compare To Other Industrialized Countries?

I have attempted through this food blog to give you recipes that are affordable and to show you ways to use your left overs. Sometimes we think something from a store freezer or a box is a way to save money when we grocery shop. Often, it is not less expensive and not entirely healthy. The sodium level in many products is way out of whack. When one serving equals 850 mg of sodium, that is not good. The maximum per day is 2,300 mg and should be less for those who already have blood pressure issues and heart disease.

It is my intention to obtain the names and addresses of our legislators here in Connecticut and address this issue with them. Will you join me?
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