Cooking On A Budget: Boston Marathon - 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon - 2013

The Boston Marathon is a special day in Boston. The race was formed to celebrate Patriots Day. The race has become so large that not every and anyone can participate. You have to be either running for a Charity or be in a qualifying category. People practice for years for this - the race of all races. The town shuts down schools so that people can participate by cheering on their loved ones and friends.
On Monday April 15th, just yesterday, this race was marred by a horrific tragedy. Two bomb blasts within seconds of one another were detonated at the finish line of the race. As of last night when I finally turned off the news cast at least 3 people were dead and hundreds injured. Some through the blast or amputation lost limbs - some multiple.
It is not known yet who or whom is responsible for this act. Another incredibly sad and devastating day for us here in the States and other countries who had participants in the race. My son works for a security firm in Boston but fortunately was 10 blocks away. They did not hear the blasts but at 3 p.m. his building was put on lock down following the news they had received. He was not sure that he would be able to take the usual train route home as the city was rapidly being evacuated and not all lines would be running.
He did catch a train and his girlfriend drove to pick him up at a further destination than normal. So he's safe and other than being a little bit shaken by it all, he's fine. I am grateful for that.
Others however will be in grief, pain and mourning for a long time. They need our prayers for what else can we do? I suppose donating blood would also be a worthy thing to do.
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