Cooking On A Budget: Cooking Ahead

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cooking Ahead

Sometimes I still like to cook ahead on the weekends even though all the kids are grown and gone and I no longer have a day to day job to go to. Old Man Winter is not giving up here in Connecticut and we still do not have consistent Springtime weather. Well hearty comfort food is in order for today. I am making my Pork Spareribs and Sauerkraut recipe with a couple of minor changes.
Instead of the baby back ribs, I purchased 2 1/2 pounds of a pork spare rib brisket - plenty for the two of us. We'll probably get two meals out of it in fact. It really is enough to feed four nice portions. The other thing I did was grab the last of some apple sauce before it went bad - about a dry measuring cup (1 cup full) and added that to the mixture. (After the onions and flour went in the pan and before I added the water.) Also, I did not have enough sweet onion so I improvised by using some left over red onion.
All in all it should taste pretty darn good. Red onion sweetens as it cooks and the little bit of apple sauce ought to kick the flavor up a bit. Apples and pork go very well together. Well, this dish won't be consumed until tomorrow and the flavors will only be enhanced.

Pork Spare Ribs @$1.99 lb. 2 ½#
$ 5.23
Russet Potatoes @$2.99 per bag – 6 potatoes
$ 1.28
1  med. onion
$   .98
Crisco, salt, pepper, caraway seeds
$   .42
Bag of sauerkraut on sale
$ 1.99
Total cost for dinner for 4 people
$ 9.90
Per person cost for 4 people
$ 2.47 each

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