Cooking On A Budget: Cutting Up A Whole Chicken

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cutting Up A Whole Chicken

Those of you who visit regularly may already know how to cut up a whole chicken - or maybe you just need a quick refresher. My aim here is to help all of us, the never did this in my life person - the novice and to give myself a little re-educating in the kitchen if I need it. This instruction video is so well done and I will be posting a series of them (eventually, I hope to do my own - haha).
I love purchasing whole chicken when they go on sale for $.99 per pound. But what if you are in the mood for something other than a whole roasted chicken? It makes sense to know how to break down a whole chicken and how to use the backbone and neck pieces to make home made chicken stock.
One of the original recipes I wrote up for this blog was Stewed Chicken; a dish that my mother made frequently when we were kids. Since Winter is hard pressed to depart this year you may want to make this hearty, heart warming meal for your family.
So, get a chicken on sale and watch the video so you know how to cut it up whether you're making stewed or fried chicken or chicken with a barbecue sauce.

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