Cooking On A Budget: How To Trim and Tie A Roast

Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Trim and Tie A Roast

Ever wonder how to trim and tie up a roast prior to cooking? This video shows you how. I like that this particular video shows a whole loin of pork that has been deboned and needs to be put back together and tied for the cooking process. The photo I show is a a whole pork loin roast already tied at the grocery store. Of note is the fact I like the fat cap on roasts because it adds flavor and helps to keep the roast moist. If you are looking to trim fat out of your diet, I think you can always cut the fat after the meat has been roasted and you can remove the excess fat from the roasting pan prior to making a gravy or au jus.

Go to my Pork Roast and Pears dinner blog to get a recipe idea. You could use a pork tenderloin which would be treated like the video explains in place of the loin roast as pictured.

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