Cooking On A Budget: Marketing Translations

Friday, April 12, 2013

Marketing Translations

Took this from a site I like to visit and wanted to share it with you. Having gone through cardio rehabilitation a year after my heart attack I learned so much and I am continuing to learn so much about food. One thing is that it is so important to really read the labels on packaged products. According to this graphic, large corporations market food products with these labellings, however there may be underlying facts such as those presented in this chart.
I take the side of caution now when I am shopping for groceries. As I have stated time and again, if you can stay away from "processed" box foods, by all means do. Make the effort to make it from scratch. An example that comes into my head would be a boxed mix for au gratin potatoes. You'll pay on sale an average of $2.19 for the box - one meal, artificial flavorings - YUCK!
Buy on sale russet potatoes for $2.99 per bag and you have enough potatoes for the gratin plus other meals. You need a bit of onion, milk and some sharp cheese - which goes on sale often at the stores. You may not use all of the cheese so that can be used in another dish. It makes money sense and you feed your family a better product. So make Potatoes Au Gratin and serve it proudly.

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