Cooking On A Budget: Chocolate Ice Cream - costing out the recipe

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chocolate Ice Cream - costing out the recipe


I did the costing for this to the penny. Yield was 48 ounces - just like containers in the grocery store. A 48 ounce container of what you consider "good" ice cream from a grocery store costs any where from $5.00 to $7.00. When you create this at home you are getting only natural ingredients - no chemicals added for a cost of $6.69. Here's my breakdown:

8 egg yolks
$ 1.28
1 cup heavy cream
$ 1.49
3 cups half and half
$ 2.01
$   .37
$   .87
$   .67
Total cost for 48 ounces
$ 6.69
Per person cost for 6 oz. servings
$   .83 each

Although that is not necessarily "inexpensive" compared to the grocery store you have to accept the fact that it is by far a much, much better product for your family. My husband is plowing through this ice cream and is already asking when I will make more. What have I gotten myself into?
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