Cooking On A Budget: Food Safety Gloves

Monday, June 3, 2013

Food Safety Gloves


These are a staple supply in every restaurant kitchen, grocery store deli and bakery department throughout the world. Not to leave out family owned deli's and bakeries.
They are not for sale that I know of on the open market. These came from my local IGA store where I shop all of the time and the managers all know me. When I asked if I could purchase a box for use in my home they gladly accommodated me. The box of gloves cost $3.00 and to me, they are priceless.
When you're handling chicken, wear the gloves - that way you save yourself from any chance of cross-contamination. If you are doing a breading thing, they keep your hands clean - no build up from the egg wash and the breading mixture.
I love them. So, get in touch and get to know the managers of your grocery store and ask if they would be willing to sell you a box. Most stores carry large and extra large sizes. Even your local pizzeria might sell you a box.
It's better to be safe in the kitchen and this is just one tool that will help.
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