Cooking On A Budget: Friday Is National Doughnut Day

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Is National Doughnut Day


I don't know who comes up with this stuff. Makes me want to make Churros again. Dear Lord how I loved those light, airy and sugary little bites! If it weren't for someone coming to fix my computer I would be inclined to make more of them. The only problem with those is that I ate them like peanuts; I ate one after another, after another until they disappeared from the plate. My waistline suffered because of it but it was worth every ounce.
And in May it was National Barbecue Month and National Cheeseburger Month - only in the United States, right? Well there's going to be a whole lot of grilling, barbecuing and cheeseburgers made during the warmer season. Speaking of warm, what happened? It's cold, damp and raining here in Connecticut. Temperatures in the 50's.

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