Cooking On A Budget: Mini Fruit Pies and Tarts

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mini Fruit Pies and Tarts


I surely wish I could produce these gorgeous little pies or tarts. I'm thinking I just might have to buy another kitchen gadget. Perhaps these lovelies were made by using large cookie cutters and maybe small tart pans. The tart pans I have, the large cutters in this shape; no.
It appears that they are raspberry filled so I'm guessing a home made berry compote or perhaps just filled with a favorite jam. Either way they look scrumptious and I want to try and make them using my pie dough crust recipe. Perfect Pie Crust recipe and instructions provided right here. Just follow the link. That recipe yields a bottom and top crust so my guess is that you could get at least four mini tart pies.

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