Cooking On A Budget: Swiss American Burger

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swiss American Burger

To have grilled burgers in the summer is a great way to feed hungry mouths. This burger recipe may not be novel, but I found the combination of an inexpensive American cheese combined with Swiss cheese is very flavorful. The inexpensive cheese you get in the dairy has good melting qualities and that's why we go for this inexpensive cheese versus the kind you get at the deli counter. Add some bacon under the cheese - yes!

Sandwich sized English Muffins along with mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and onion. It's starting to stack up.

When I make the burgers, I divide the package up as shown trying to get equal amounts of meat. I use ground chuck because I like the flavor. The next step so I don't over work the meat is to put it in between plastic wrap then form the patties.

Now they are ready for the hot grill. I had some left over bacon and put it on top of the burger then placed the cheese over that to hold the bacon to the sandwich.

Assembly begins on my toasted English Muffin slathered in mayonnaise.

Despite that my burger looks over cooked, it was still juicy and tender. I am one that does not like medium rare. It must be medium well.

Add some crispy chips if you want.

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