Cooking On A Budget: Kitchen Treasures

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kitchen Treasures

I receive e-mails at least 2 to 3 times a week from Williams-Sonoma that advertises what they have on sale and on-line ordering.
My very first peek at a Williams-Sonoma shop was back in the early 90's in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.  It was then that I purchased two of their small cookbooks, published by Time Life: Grilling and the other, Pizza.
Currently my collection published by Simon & Schuster and Oxmoor has grown to thirty-two in total.

It is not surprising therefore that I get a lot of inspiration for cooking from these books. When I pull out any of my Caphalon cookware which most of it is about twenty years old and looking the worse for wear, gazing at the Williams-Sonoma on-line catalog makes me almost drool. I am a kitchen gadget, cookware loving and kitchen appliance hound. But then there is that teensy little problem - cash. Cash is what prevents me from further overstocking what many others would consider a well stocked kitchen of cookware, bake ware, cookbooks, small appliances and drawers full of kitchen tools.

While others dream of cars or boats perhaps, I dream of being let loose in a Williams-Sonoma store or a commercial kitchen store with unlimited funds to replace what is old and worn and no longer considered "non-stick". But of course as obsessed as I am I would just have to get a small fryer and replacement for the vacuum sealer gadget we no longer have. The list could go on and on.

So I ask you, what's the most treasured thing(s) in your kitchen?

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