Cooking On A Budget: Our 23rd Anniversary

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our 23rd Anniversary

As our anniversary and my birthday the following day was approaching my husband asked if I would like to go out to celebrate both occasions. Neither of us really wanted to go to a restaurant so we opted to do a splurge at home.
A nice dinner of Lobster, salad and baked potato was our menu choice. Wish I had made some home made salad dressing; but store bought that we had in the refrigerator cut down dinner prep immensely.
You can see that we ate early while it was still light out, but we took our time, chatted and just enjoyed the food we splurged on. For me I am not  comfortable with eating lobster out in a restaurant so some years back when I spotted these trays at Home Goods I knew they were perfect to use on occasions such as this.

In all actuality let me tell you about the cost of the meal that included the lobsters (3) 1 1/2 pounders, 2 large baking potato and a bag of salad and butter, I spent $41.18 for the entire dinner. Each of our dinners cost $20.59 which is far less than what you would spend eating this dinner out. We were very pleased and totally satisfied with one lobster each.

The bodies and some of the larger shells were saved in bags as well as freezing the cooking water used for the lobsters in containers. At some point I will make a richer stock using both to make some sort of soup or bisque.

With the left over lobster I will be making something I have wanted to try for a long time - Lobster Mac and Cheese. That will be for another post during the week.

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