Cooking On A Budget: The Martha Stewart Fo-pah

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Martha Stewart Fo-pah

I saw this video yesterday and it has struck up so many comments from the blogging world. Especially from those who blog about food and lifestyle and crafting. Personally I know I am not an expert or a classically trained chef. What I do know is I post recipes from my families food history and from recipes I have tried to recreate with my own spin on them from others who put them in a cookbook. Creating this blog from the ground up took me a while as I admit I am technically challenged and far behind those who blog seriously to make money. I am not as offended therefore by her comments as those who take blogging VERY seriously. Furthermore, I am proud of what I have accomplished and feel good about the recipes and articles I post. This blog is a living legacy for my children above all so they never have to wonder, "How did Mom make that?" It's all here. So Martha as far as I am concerned did nothing more than alienate thousands that may have looked up to her at one point or another and all I can say is shame on her. The only time you will probably hear an apology from her is if her on-line and normal magazine subscriptions fall off the charts.

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