Cooking On A Budget: Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich


This ranks up there with some of the worst photographs I have done and I apologize. The fact is we had breakfast for dinner last night and although there isn't much to it I thought I would blog about it as there isn't anything else in the way of a new recipe - yet.
Each year at Christmas my sister and her husband give us a gift from Harrington's which is a catalog operation that sells some of the best bacon, sausage, syrup and pancake mix I have ever tasted. The bacon is on the thick side, meaty and doesn't just shrivel up to nothingness in the pan or sheet tray. And the sausage blend is phenomenal. It's a perfect blend of pork, salt, sage, black pepper, sugar and ginger - that's what is listed on the package. You can visit if you would like to check out all that they have to offer.
Therefore I decide to slice the sausage and fry it up in a skillet and when it was almost cooked topped it off with a slice of American cheese. The muffins were toasted and I cooked a fried egg in a brand new non-stick "green" skillet I gave my husband for a Christmas gift. You see he's been fighting our worn out pans when he tries to make a fried egg so it seemed a good gift for him; that way I did not have to listen to any more cussing in the kitchen!
I put the sandwich together and devoured it quickly. What a tasty treat and ever so filling. For me this was a zero cost meal: the sausage was a gift, the eggs I received for FREE because of my store points and the English muffins were a buy one, get one free. When you are really stuck at the end of the week, or any night of the week on what to make for dinner, breakfast is a good choice. How often do you get to cook a breakfast meal during the week? Eggs in general are cheap especially when you get them on sale. Take advantage of the buy one get one free muffin deals and store one in the freezer. I get the processed dairy cheese that is less inexpensive (around $2.50 for a 12 ounce pack) because it melts better (you know all oozy, gooey).
Children should love this; it's like getting an egg McMuffin at you know where with you controlling what kind of meat, if any you put on the sandwich. You control that and the cost if you shop right. At your fast food chain a sandwich like this costs $2.79 (plus tax). Make it at home for around the same price - or less depending on how savvy a shopper you are.
By the way if you ever wanted to compare Mc's prices here is the website with the national prices:

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