Cooking On A Budget: The Christmas of 1998

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Christmas of 1998


This is a "needlework" project I created on my Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. It represents memories of two very, very special dogs in my life. It all began in August of 1996 when our pure bred Golden Retriever was born. Then on October 21st, 1998 Greta would give live birth to ten puppies. The nine hearts represent the birth of the nine that went to other homes. The black lab represents Niles; the one puppy that we chose to keep.

Raising ten puppies was a gift and a chore and all of them were gone right before Christmas of 1998. The tree in the embroidery represents the tiny live tree that sat atop of our bay window in the kitchen as with 10 puppies running around a tree in a stand in the living room was clearly not an option.

The bright snowflakes near each dog symbolizes that they are no longer with us and the year of their passing is underneath.

That Christmas was a special one for us. We had nine wonderful pups who went to good homes. While they were here they brought us great joy. Lucky for us, close neighbors two doors down took one of them. They named her Holly (appropriate, huh?). Holly broke through the invisible fencing to visit us on many occasions. She passed one week before her mother Greta.

I wish I had a picture of the tree from that year. It was adorned with all white lights and my very special crystal ornaments. The tree was planted in the earth and although it looks a tad straggly, we moved it this past summer and adorned it with colorful Christmas lights. Call me crazy, but I just could not part with the tree. It had meaning; it symbolized a Christmas from long ago where puppies ruled our lives.

As each one left us to go to a good home for children as Christmas gifts, we wept. All of us wept. To this day I mourn the loss of two wonderful dogs. And when we can properly care for another we will look to adopt. I think that there's still a hole in my heart that needs and now wants to be filled. It will be when the time is right.

I wrote this post a while ago now and am posting as a filler post until my next recipe post is ready.

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