Cooking On A Budget: Crazy for Cod

Friday, July 4, 2014

Crazy for Cod


If I could pick one fish so far that I have tried in my life time and could eat it on a regular basis it would be Cod. Whether its the Cod Loin or the Cod Fillet, I have found many ways in which to enjoy this fish throughout the last couple of years or so.

This photo collage showcases what I think are some of my best recipes. I attempted several times this morning to get each individual photo to where you could click on it and it would take you directly to the recipe. I followed another blogger's instructions explicitly only to discover the fact that most things that are advertised as free, rarely are. The program I tried to use wants you not only to join but subscribe for a monthly fee. First off, I don't own a credit or debit card which equals "screwed" in today's world of internet and technology. With that being said the program only allowed me to get so far and I could not complete the project, therefore I am forced to do this the old fashioned way, providing the links outside of the graphic.

I really hope you take the time to visit the links and review the recipes. If cod is out of your budget as it can be expensive, especially fresh from a seafood market, substitute another hearty white fish. My local grocery store gets it in regularly and it's actually good fish so I wait for it to go on sale and sometimes if it's not on sale, it becomes the weekly budget splurge.

The first recipe on the top left is Fish 'n Chips Sandwich. This sandwich tasted incredible. The cod was cooked perfectly inside a beautiful puffy and tasty batter that after deep frying was crunchy and crispy.

Cod is so versatile. This time the dish was Poached Cod in Seafood Sauce. Absolutely stunning dish that is packed with flavor, yet the sauce doesn't over power the fish, instead it enhances it.

The second photograph down from the top right photograph was the California Cod. Light, delicious and perfect to make any night of the week. White wine, lemon juice along with salt and pepper - so easy to prepare and cooks quickly.

Pan Fried Cod Fillet is on the bottom left. A little bit of oil and butter is used to pan fry the cod fillets that are encased in a flavorful panko crust.

Roasted Cod with Lemon Sauce is a flavorful and light dish using the cod loin.  That is the middle photograph on the bottom. If you are trying to eat healthier and knock off some of the heavy proteins try this delicious and simple recipe.

Lastly, we have Lemon Scented Crusted Cod, a dish I was so impressed with the flavor in the panko from the lemon zest. Again a simple, easy recipe to prepare with great flavor and texture.

These last two dishes were some of the earliest recipes I made using cod.

Cod with Fresh Herb Butter is a great recipe and most any vegetables can be served along side this dish.

And finally a simple Baked Cod with Cracker Topping. Another easy meal that cooks in a short amount of time and the taste is just wonderful.

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