Cooking On A Budget: Spice Rub Recipes

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spice Rub Recipes

I found these graphics on Pinterest from a site called One Hundred Dollars A Month and they are of great interest to me. All of us are guilty of having spices that hang around in our cabinets for ages, right? Why not make your own spice rub mixtures using up what you have on hand instead of buying a jar and spending anywhere from $3.79 on up to $6.49 for a blend you can make right at home.

There is no claim by me that these recipes are mine. Someone else created the recipes and the graphics but I felt that the recipes and graphics were outstanding and so wanted to share the wealth and not keep it to myself.

The first is a Cajun Spice Rub Mix. Cajun spice rubs are super on chicken, pork, beef or certain types of fish. If you make the spice rub and have more than you need for the recipe, store it in a airtight container and it should last at least 3 months. And, if you are using "irradiated" spices from McCormick's the shelf life extends to 6 months.

And I grabbed this text for you to understand what irradiated foods are. I had to learn about this when I was developing my own line of sauces and marinades. What I took was a direct quote from a European website.

"Food irradiation does not make food radioactive and is in fact a very useful technology that improves food safety. The food is irradiated with gamma, x-ray or electron beams that kill many types of food poisoning micro organisms. None of the radiation is retained by the food so it does not make foods radioactive. There is no reason to be afraid of food irradiation. Electron beams, such as those used in the USA to kill the so-called hamburger-bug in ground beef, are not produced with nuclear energy and so are free from any environmental concern.
Irradiation is also used for other purposes such as delaying ripening and sprouting in foods thereby helping to extend shelf life. For some products such as cocoa, coffee, herbs and spices, food irradiation offers a safe and residue-free alternative to chemical fumigation. In the case of fragile foods such as fresh sea foods and soft fruits, irradiation can be used to kill hazardous microbes and delay spoilage without causing the food texture to deteriorate as it would if heat treatment were used instead."

I have always tried to pick apart that packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip and Dressing mix so I could create my own version. Actually I love using the packet, however using up spices I have means I can make it any time I want and that's a good thing. So this versatile Ranch Dressing Mix is not only good for salad dressing and dips, but you can use it to flavor chicken when you are making baked chicken.

And you can make your own Pumpkin Spice Mix for all of those delicious Pumpkin recipes you whip up during the holiday season.

There were other spice rub recipes like this you may be interested in, so please visit:

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