Cooking On A Budget: Four Fantastic Weeknight Dinners

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four Fantastic Weeknight Dinners


I really do love these round up posts. You get the links to some fabulous and easy weeknight dinners that the family will love. Most of them came be made start to finish in about an hour. None of these dishes are overly expensive and they all use basic ingredients - nothing super fancy in the way of spices or ingredients. Getting the proteins on sale will help you with the basic cost.
  1. Chicken Stroganoff is so simple to put together and it's got wonderful flavor. The basic ingredients are chicken, mushrooms, half and half and egg noodles.
  2. If you have left over mashed potatoes and gravy from a previous meal, Traditional Beef Shepherd's pie is a snap to put together. The basic ingredients are ground beef, corn, gravy and of course mashed potatoes. Should you not have left over mashed and need dinner in a hurry, there's a Simply Potato Mashed Potatoes product that our store sells along with the proteins. They taste pretty darn good!
  3. I absolutely love Pork Cutlet Marsala and the Marsala wine from a liquor store is a must in this recipe. Full flavor throughout and everyone will enjoy this meal.
  4. I was on a ravioli kick for a while because I was getting them so inexpensively. The Toasted Cheese Ravioli's with Italian Sausage is a great weeknight meal. If you have sauce on hand then you are so far ahead of the game. It's a winner, winner, weeknight dinner!
All four of these dinners are family pleasing and kid-friendly meals. I do hope you'll check out the recipes and find the one(s) that fit your life style, palette and food budget. Buon Appetit!
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