Cooking On A Budget: Holiday Cookie Swap Recipes

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Holiday Cookie Swap Recipes


As you can tell by the above graphic this is once again a collaborative effort to bring you all sorts of delicious, tried and true recipes from my blogging friends. Holiday Cookie Swap Recipes is all about providing you with great recipes for the upcoming holidays. You will be proud to give any of the recipes away as gifts, serve at your holiday party or have on your dessert buffet. The photos above are only a representation of the first 11 bloggers and myself to submit recipes. There's lots more to come!

Each blogger will have a link to the recipe on their page along with a link to their food pages on Facebook. This time I am going to do a small collage for each blogger and begin with the blogger who submitted the links first and go to the next submission, etcetera. Hope you enjoy this folks because I am having so much fun putting it together!

First up is Tara Noland of Noshing With The Nolands. Tara hails from Canada and delivers spot on recipes. I do appreciate her contributions here and consider Tara to be one of the best in the food blogging business.
Starting from left to right: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. In the middle, Margarita Cookies. And finally, Best Peanut Butter Cookies.

Another wonderful contributor is Lynnette Moore (a.k.a. Nettie) of Moore or Less Cooking Blog. I find Lynnette's recipes to be great because everything has lots of flavor as you will soon be able to tell for yourself.

From the left we have Chocolate Clouds, then Easy Shortbread Cookies followed by Espresso White Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Next up is Janette Fuschi of Culinary Ginger. The cookie recipe she submitted is so similar to a cookie recipe my daughter and I made years ago now and these cookies are incredibly good. The cookies are called Florentine Cookies and are made with ground almonds. Light crispy and delicious especially with a chocolate drizzle.

Debi Wayland of Life Currents has contributed some of her best recipes for the swap. I am also glad that Debi submitted a small round up post for gifts and treats for the holidays.
Up first are Coconut Oat Cookies followed by Flour-less Chocolate Pecan Cookies and finally a small round up of Cookies, Bites, Gifts and Nibbles.

Nicky Omohundro of Our Little Family Adventure brings three wonderful recipes. One is a no bake recipe which is nice to have one of those recipes where you don't need the oven but have a lovely dessert option.
Kringla Cookies followed by Orange Balls which are the no-bake and German Sour Cream Twists which are a family recipe and one that her grandmother made.

My good friend and blogging buddy, Linda Feldman Shapiro of Meal Planning Maven contributed three wonderful recipes. Who can resist a good peanut butter cookie that also has chocolate chips in it? And lovely biscotti which makes a fabulous give a way gift item.

The first is Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies followed by Dried Cherry 'n Pistachio Biscotti. And the last one is Baby Brownie Biscotti.

Michelle Nahom of A Dish of Daily Life submitted these next two family favorite recipes. Bar cookies are fabulous for swaps, a holiday table and for any party your invited to.

Who is going to be able to resist Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Cookies or Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cookies?

Lori Vachon of Who Needs A Cape? sent over some great holiday recipes that I am excited to have here. Very festive and they look delicious.

First up are Candy Cane Cookies. Next are Triple Chocolate Coconut Cookies and then what I am sure will be a kid favorite, PB & J Thumbprint Cookies.

One of the most talented bakers I know is Mary Bostow of Bunny's Warm Oven. So many wonderful recipes on her blog and all made from scratch. These cookies are great for cookie swaps!
Left to right: Bakery Style Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies, Best Sugar Cookies, Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Cookies .

Christine Bailey Hadden of Foody Schmoody I'm Just Cooking submitted a recipe that reminded her of past Christmases. The recipe is for Italian Lemon Drop Cookies. What a wonderful addition to your cookie list.

Dan Zehr of Platter Talk has a blog that I love to read. I read his blog as if I were reading a page from a novel. His recipes - well they are wonderful and he brought along a few cookies from his repertoire.
I love the festive Cherry Red Nose Cookies, family recipe Grandma Brotherton's Ginger Cookies, and the Fudge Crinkles. All of these make wonderful additions to your holiday dessert table.

Nancy Fox of Skinny Kitchen takes recipes and makes them lighter, healthier for less calories and I am so happy she is one of our contributors. The first recipe is gluten free. For those concerned with over indulging on the holidays these recipes will help you out.
Skinny Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chippers are followed by Holiday Sugar Cookies and Dreamy Magical Bars.

Our next contributor is Mary Ellen Seavey of That's My The recipes Mary Ellen submitted are so festive and look so delicious and I know you'll enjoy them. The Snowflake cookies are my favorite.

Peppermint Stick Cookies, Pecan Tartlets and Snowflake Cookies.

This next recipe comes all the way from Greece. Katerina Delidimou of Culinary Flavors contributed this wonderful recipe. Christmas Buttery Cookies - Kourabiedes. I do love this photograph! I am sure this will be welcomed by all your family and friends during the holidays.

Now for some bonus recipe additions. Some are mine and some are hot out of Bunny's Warm Oven.

Flourless Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies from Bunny's Warm Oven. For those of you who must be on a flour less diet, this is a great option.

I also discovered from Bunny's Warm Oven these beautiful  Whipped Shortbread Drop Cookies to add in to this holiday post.

From me, I recently posted Ruby Jewel Cookies that are so easy and so inexpensive to make followed by Devil's Oatmeal Chocolate Nut Cookies.

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