Cooking On A Budget: Itallian Stallion Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Itallian Stallion Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Italian Stallion Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Ciabatta is extremely delicious!

When they asked us for a grilled cheese creation for the Culinary Content Network on The Daily Meal my mind began to think of all kinds of yummy combinations. I am a lover of grilled cheese sandwiches and decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with Italian flavors that are big and bold. What I came up with is the Italian Stallion Grilled Cheese Sandwich which is absolutely gooey and packed with bold taste.

I was not disappointed. This Italian Stallion Grilled Cheese Sandwich delivers on all counts. The bread is crunchy, crispy and buttery. The combination of the gooey provolone, the roasted peppers, salami and tomato are a marriage made in food heaven.
  • 4 slices Ciabatta bread
  • 1-2 roasted red or green peppers
  • 6 slices hard salami - cut each slice in half
  • 4 slices provolone cheese - cut each slice in half
  • 1 small tomato sliced
  • room temperature butter
  • cooking spray
  1. Slice the ciabatta in 1/2 inch thick slices.
  2. Slice the hard salami in half moon slices.
  3. Cut the provolone slices in half.
  4. Slice the tomatoes toward the thin side.
  5. Drain your peppers.
  6. On one side of a slice of bread add 2 halves of the cheese. Then add 2 slices (halved) of the salami followed by roasted peppers and slices of tomato. Top with 2 more halves of provolone. Top with another slice of bread.
  7. Butter the top side of the bread.
  8. Heat up your indoor grill pan over medium heat.
  9. Add the sandwich in buttered side down. Using a flat pot lid, press down the sandwich.
  10. Butter the top side. Turn the heat down to medium low.
  11. Using a lid that will go over the grill pan and sandwiches, lid it and cook on one side until nice and browned. Turn over and cook with the lid on and grill the second side until golden brown and the cheese is all melted.

This grilled cheese sandwich is so delicious and I hope you enjoy making them. They are filling and could even be a light weeknight supper meal. I'll even bet the kids love them too!
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