Cooking On A Budget: Rotisserie Roasted Turkey Breast

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rotisserie Roasted Turkey Breast


I am wondering if I should be a national spokesperson for the Showtime® Rotisserie because I have mentioned it in my blog on several occasions. No, I am not the spokesperson nor am I compensated in any way. I just love the way all types of roasts and poultry come out using this device.

Photo from Google Images

One evening this week we made this turkey breast in it. The turkey was 9 1/2 pounds and much to my surprise it fit in nicely. We secured the wings with some butcher's twine after placing some pats of butter under the skin and seasoning simply with salt and black pepper and just a little bit of granulated garlic inside the bird and on the outside. Don't hesitate to roast a small whole turkey if you can find one. Just be sure to secure the legs as well with butcher's twine.

You can see the nice caramelization on the skin. So flavorful and it comes out moist and tender because it is constantly rotating while cooking. Undoubtedly the best way to do a roast or poultry because the outside sears and browns nicely while the meat is juicy and full of flavor.

The other key to a roasted bird or pork roast or beef roast is to let the meat "rest".  What that means is giving the protein time to settle and redistribute the juices for a period of 10 minutes up to 20 minutes or longer. If you slice into a roast immediately all the juices just flow out of the meat. For the turkey, cover with foil and rest at least 20 minutes, up to 30 minutes. So while the bird is resting comfortably you can tackle making gravy and mashing potatoes.

Now you may be wondering about the gravy and how can you get a good gravy. The rotisserie has a grill pan underneath.
  1. Remove the top and spray the tray with some cooking spray. Add all of the turkey parts that come in the wrapped packages to the bottom of the pan.
  2. Slice thick chunks of onion (about 1/2 a large onion), a large carrots sliced in chunks and one or two celery stalks sliced in long chunks.
  3. Add about 1/4 cup turkey or chicken broth to the pan.
  4. When the bird is done and resting,  scrap the grill pan to get all the good bits up and strain the mixture into a sauce pot.
  5. Add some extra broth and a touch of Gravy Master®. Bring the mixture up to a boil and add in a mixture of one part cornstarch to 2 parts broth or water and mix well.
  6. Whisk the slurry into the gravy and thicken to your liking. Remember that you will never know the thickening point until it has come to a boil.

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