Cooking On A Budget: Card Night Tea Sandwiches

Monday, November 24, 2014

Card Night Tea Sandwiches


Way back when there was a group of us that gathered at our local club and watering hole for "ladies night". There were about 7-8 of us that assembled one night a week and that lasted a few years. Babies came and ladies night became a thing of the past. However this past fall we decided that all of us needed a night out and it would be fun to have a "ladies night reunion". At that point what with some of the gals still with young children it was agreed that a weekly night out was out of the question, but perhaps once a month could be easily done by all.

So each week we all bring some sort of snack food and weekly dues collected so that we can have an extra special occasion during the year. When we first started and met weekly we had full dinner celebrations or went on a "field trip" because there was enough money in the kitty to enjoy something like that.

For my contribution this week I am making tea type sandwiches but calling them Card Night Tea Sandwiches because most likely that is what we will be doing - playing setback which we all love to play. And, I am cutting the bread using various cookies cutters to match the deck of cards. The only cutter I am missing is for clubs. I have a diamond, heart and spade cookie cutter.

These are easy and you can put any kind of filling in you like. I am making tuna salad to fill them. You could also do chicken or egg salad; just about anything you can think of for a sandwich filling. You end up having bread that isn't used in the sandwiches and depending on what type of bread you use the left overs pieces can be ground for breadcrumbs or as they say, "feed the birds".

This was just my way of trying to be fun and creative and make the food I was bringing unique to our type of gathering.  My point is make any occasion special in the ways in which you can because bringing your heart into anything makes it so much better.

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