Cooking On A Budget: Date Night

Monday, December 1, 2014

Date Night


Date Night. Couples - no kids allowed. Aren't we all entitled to date night? You have children and often feel guilty about leaving them with a babysitter or perhaps, your situation is one that you feel you don't have the extra cash to go out to a restaurant, so you begin to shun the idea. So rather than you and your spouse having some quality time together you stay in the same day in and day out rut.
You worry about what to feed the whole family for supper, yet dismiss what is also important for your life, your relationship and your well being.
Date Night does not have to be about dining out in an upscale restaurant or even going out to eat at all. Date night can be as simple as the atmosphere you create at home with whatever resources you have.
It's about feeding the children on the early side (if you have children) and yes, shuffling them off to bed a tad early. That is not the least bit harmful to a child. If you must convince a very young child who can tell time and complain it's not their bedtime "yet" just explain that Mom and Dad are in need of some quiet time together. Period. End of sentence.
Planning in advance for this special time is essential - what will you prepare for an intimate dinner and what resources do you have to make a special setting? In other words creating an ambiance, setting the tone for the evening. Do you have music available, a table cloth of some sort, some candles, special dishware or glasses, a vase or vessel for a floral piece? If you don't own china, pick the daily stuff and create around it. No actual vase - use an everyday glass to fill with flowers from your yard or some beautiful branches of fall leaves. Think. Be creative and don't tell yourself you can't create - don't block that side of your mind. Really look around your home and your yard....ask a close neighbor or good friend or family member if you may borrow what you want in your setting.
Take stock of your food items - what do you have and what do you need extra for your menu. Planning the menu is fun. Maybe come up with a themed dinner. Just go for it and enjoy the process.
Look through the many recipes on this site and create your dinner. How about a simple dinner of Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce (from this blog), with a nice salad dressed with the BEST bleu cheese dressing and Easy Pear Pastries for dessert? The underlined words will bring you directly to the recipes.
Dress up or dress down and make this a special night with you and yours.

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